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Ich spezialisiere mich auf das Kreieren von funktionalen Workouts und Mindfulness Sessions. Ich biete dir kreative Kurse außerhalb der Box, physisch und mental. Du lernst Dich und deinen Körper besser kennen und kannst diese Stärke erfolgreich in deinen Alltag integrieren. Ich bin respektvoll, zuverlässig und ehrlich, ich lache gerne und viel und es ist meine Leidenschaft, Fitness, Yoga und Mindfulness in jeder Hinsicht zu einem angenehmen Erlebnis zu machen.

I specialize in creating functional movement workouts and mindfulness routines. I am an advocate for intuitive movement and self care. I offer creative classes outside the box, physically and mentally, empowering my clients to translate this quality successfully into their everyday lives. I am respectful, responsible and honest. I love to laugh and it is my passion to create fitness, Yoga and mindfulness routines that are down-to-earth and fun.

Melissa Pond

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Meine Kurse bauen auf den Prinzipien natürlicher und funktionaler Bewegung auf. Du erlernst auf intuitive und spielerische Art komplexe Bewegungsabläufe die den Körper und den Geist als Einheit betrachten. Achtsamkeit dem eigenen Wohlbefinden gegenüber steht stets an erster Stelle. 

My classes build upon the principles of natural and functional movement. You will accommodate your body with moving in complex movement patterns in a playful and intuitive approach respecting your body and mind as a holistic system. Cultivating an intrinsic awareness of your wellbeing is a priority.

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Mein Spektrum umfasst Yin und Vinyasa Flow Yoga, HIIT und Functional Movement sowie Meditation und Mindfulness. Ich unterrichte in Deutsch und Englisch. Alle Kurse können auf Hotpod Yoga Berlin gebucht werden oder über Urban Sports Club. Meine Kurse sind für alle Level geeignet.

I offer a wide variety of Yoga styles, HIIT and functional movement as well as meditation and mindfulness. I teach in German and English. All classes can be booked here at Hotpod Yoga Berlin or through Urban Sports Club. My classes are suitable for all levels.

due to current circumstances all classes are online at Hotpod Yoga Berlin

join our weekly classes or our 4-week online programs: study live with us or privately in your own pace via an exclusive replay library.

our 4-week courses are:

Chakra Flow - unlock your potential through knowledge of the seven energy centers, a down-to-earth approach to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 


Simplify Your Yoga - the functional movement approach to Yoga, deconstruct your practice to understand all basic poses and transitions in the context of your individual physique​

The Power of Yin Yang - discovering your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine essence within the realms of ancient Asian studies and Yoga practices

The Elements of Self Care - healing yourself is the first step to healing the earth, dive deep into ancient and modern knowledge on connecting with your true self on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level

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fitness & fashion:

adidas, Zalando, H&M, Lululemon, Casall, Closely

beauty & wellness:

aveda, Tom Hemps, This Place,

culture & lifestyle:

Pinterest, ITSAPARK, BAM communication agency, Kemmler Kemmler agency

workout apps:

8fit, Gymondo

festivals & retreats:

Wanderlust 108, Obonjan Island, Yoga United Festival,

TUI Blue Hotels, Only Soul Retreats


Karstadt Sports, KaDeWe & Oberpollinger,

Generali, Vabali Spa, Holmes Place


since 02/2021 official content creator for Pinterest

since 01/2021 co-founder Not Just Yoga content creation

since 07/2020 8fit coach 

since 05/2020 co-owner Hotpod Yoga Berlin franchise & studio

from 03/2018 - 12/2019 adidas coach at Running Store Mitte

in 2018 Zalandoadidas Women's hub creator & ambassador

in 2017 & 2018 Casall Trainer of Tomorrow & ambassador

since 12/2017 teacher at Hotpod Yoga Berlin

from 05/2016 - 03/2020 adidas coach at Runbase Berlin

since 05/2015 private classes & PT 


10/2020 Yin Yoga Teacher Training 30 hoursAprille Walker

04/2020 The Art Of Sequencing 100 hours - Strala Yoga

10/2019 Mobility Trainer - Perform Better

08/2019 Shiatsu Massage & TCM 100 hours - Strala Yoga

08/2019 Athletik Trainer Level 1 - Perform Better

03/2018 Functional Trainer - Perform Better

11/2017 Immersion Training - Hotpod Yoga London 

11/2016 Ready-To-Lead Training 200 hours - Strala Yoga

12/2015 Intensive Yoga A-Lizenz 200 hours - Safs & Beta

07/2015 Intensive Yoga Fachtrainer - Safs & Beta

05/2015 Intensive Yoga B-Lizenz - Safs & Beta

02/2015 Intensive Training - Strala Yoga



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photos by Insa Eisenberg @insaergram and zezam
Melissa Pond
Berlin, 2020